Vincity apartment District 9 – Location – Policies – Price list – Open for sale


Vincity District 9 is currently a job to boil the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City at the early days of 2017. This really is a cheap apartment job of Vingroup Group with many outstanding advantages asserting to produce. Change that the concept of affordable housing and allow the lives of the vast majority of Vietnamese folks are raised to a new height.

Official name: Vincity Grand Park – Great river side town.
Investor: Vingroup – Owner of apartments Vinhomes

Total area: over 365 hectares.
Scale: Expected 71 block flat block, 44,000 apartments, 500 shophouses, 1,700 town houses and baths.
Construction density: By 20 – 25 percent
Executor: Contecons – that the biggest contractor in viet nam.
Apartment height of VinCity: from 22 to 30 floors.
Area: Flat VinCity District 9 covers an area of ​​30 – 90 m2 (From 1 to 2 3 comfy bedrooms).
Design: that the apartments may have balconies, lots of amazing views and enjoy the cool atmosphere from the Dong Nai River. The height of the cascade is all about 3.1m.
Facilities: playground, hospital, school, supermarket, swimming pool, sports court, theater, amusement area…
Starting time: 3rd-quarter 2018
Expected to be passed over and placed into operation in 2020.

Vietnamese (Long, Vinh Vien) – Foreigners (50 years)
With a rather low structure density of just 20-25%, Vincity District 9 will have a large green space and at the same time owns the most suitable and comfortable living facilities for its customers. . There haven’t been any projects from the low-end segment that could do great things like Vincity’s Vincity project.

Location Vincity District 9 is supposed to build in a land area of ​​365ha, situated on Nguyen Xien road at the heart of District 9.
As a result of well planned and synchronous infrastructure in accordance with the country policy, moving out of Vincity Q-9 job area to the surrounding areas and also city center is very convenient through the property routes. Well constructed as:
Via Long Bridge to Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway.
Nguyen Van, Nguyen Van Tang, Le Van Viet located in Channel 3 have been enlarged.
Route Mai Chi Tho through Thu Thiem Tunnel to East-West Boulevard helps join District 9, District 2 and also the town center.

Hanoi Highway continues to be enlarged
Infrastructure planning around Vincity Grand Park District 9
All these routes help clients buy apartments V.99 easy to go to the neighborhood in and outside of the city.
10 minutes into Suoi Tien tourist spot
5 minutes to the center of high technology of Ho Chi Minh
10 minutes to Rach Chiec Golf Resort
Moreover, the Metro Rail from Suoi Tien to the city centre is being done and you will be put into performance from 20 20 is likely to soon be a bonus point to improve the worth of Vincity District 9 from the foreseeable future.
Moreover, the Long Thanh International Airport nearby the projected District 9 Vincity endeavor will begin building in the long run to contribute to the convenience of individuals who should proceed to distant areas.
Vincity District 9 is packed of schools, parks, hospitals , supermarkets…
As stated by representatives of Vingroup, Vincity Q9 will be built into a new modern metropolitan region with good quality and complete system of utilities, synchronization. This project is anticipated to modify the lives of middle-income earners specifically and enhance the standard of life span of the general population in viet nam can ho vincity quan 9.
Some excellent facilities in Long Binh Vincity flat District 9:
Nearly 200 sports areas, miniature football, tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball.

Absolute area of ​​swimming pool is currently 13.000m2.
750 outdoor fitness centers, Spa stores…
60ha of all Southeast Asia’s biggest Grand Forest Park is designed as Singapore’s famous Garden by the Bay Park, across the Dong Nai River – Tac River, 2km long, running course.

Security system, security 24/7. Intelligent car & car sending system.
The commerce center with brand new VincomPlus includes the complete range of household items, used to function as public.
Entertainment parks such as cinemas, restaurants, pubs, shopping…
Therefore, while living in District 9 Vincity, you won’t want to go far because all your life needs are met on site.
In addition, in the cheap Vincity flat District 9, the direction fee ranged from 6,000 to 10,000 vnd / m2 / month, which is extremely good in contrast to the general sector.
Ordinarily, the government fee for apartment sections is as follows:
Apartment: approximately 14,000 vnd – 20,000 vnd / m2.
Midrange flat: about 8,000 vnd – 12.000 vnd / m2.
Lowrise apartments: approximately 3,500 vnd- 6,000 vnd / / m2.
Thus , we can note that Vincity’s control costs are between mid and low price segments. With this cost, clients benefit from the advantages of Vincity flat Vinhomes at the apartment is obviously calculated to become overly affordable.
This is a remarkable advantage that lots of clients have recognized, contributing to this Hot Vincity job on the market at this time, even in the event the project is not available officially.
Selling price of district 9 project
Vingroup develops lowcost Vincity apartment brand using targeted clients who are middle income earners. For that reason, Vincity will soon be a mid-range product with a price that is affordable to buyers and has a typical expected price along with other low-cost apartment projects.
With the massive market demand for flats that are low-cost, plus the outstanding strengths, Vincity District 9 promises to be an atomic bomb on the real estate market at the end of 2018.
Shop house Vincity Apartment District 9, Vincity townhouses District 9, Villa Vincity Villas District 9 is now expected from 4 billion – 20 billion / unit based upon the product. If you are interested in specific prices, please get in touch with us.
Techcombank will guarantee the affordable Vincity apartment.
When that the Vingroup Group officially started the selling of low-cost Vincity apartments, middle-income people, particularly youths, have been extremely eager and interested. But besides, a predicament is still limited young people buy a residence is not need the time to accumulate assets, so the demand for support from investors and banking components.
Understanding the worries of homebuyers, Techcombank, with its own predecessor Vingroup, will give home buyers that loan to buy Vincity apartments that have many incentives throughout the upcoming sale. Estimated customers will soon be 80 percent of the worth of apartments in 3-5 years.
How to purchase Vincity apartment need financial groundwork?
As stated by MinhVinhomes calculations, for instance, a 2-bedroom apartment in Vincity District 9 will cost approximately VND1billion, the bank will contribute approximately 80 percent, the buyer might need to get ready 20% comparable to about 200m deposit and then sign the contract sale of apartments.
With that loan of about 15 decades, a family of two kids having a normal income of 15-22 million monthly could find Vincity apartment.
Opportunity to invest with cheap Vincity apartment of Vingroup Group
Vingroup corporation with many famous realestate brands such as Vinhomes, Vincom, Vinpearl… very very esteemed and won the confidence from a number of customers.
In reality, MinhVinhomes has met many investment clients trust Vingroup to not require to see through the dining table, do not have to see the sample dwelling, just know the positioning was able to close the transaction.
With the huge demand and the reputation of the master, Vincity can be just a rather hot job from early days of 2017. At exactly the exact same time, with low prices, Vincity apartments won’t just attract customers Demand for real property to buy but additionally draw real estate investors.
Rather than investing in luxury apartments as high as previous years, even in 2017-2018 investors will invest more in economical apartments, which is a fantastic new trend in the first day of this season.
Furthermore, the services and products of Vincity townhouses in District 9, shop-house Vincity District 9, certainly are also products of top investment value due to the resonance of the surrounding facilities together with the enormous number of occupants in attendance. Project.

With buyers, find out about the apartment you are about to buy, the strengths, weaknesses of eating, geographical location, living environment… are factors that a lot of men and women are interested.
Around location: Vincity District 9 can be found in Nguyen Phuoc Thien Street, Long Binh Ward is just a much away from the people in the city center, when moving from District 9 Vincity apartment into the guts. District inch will take approximately 30 minutes.
So, Vincity District 9 will probably be suitable for people that are working or living in neighboring areas like District 2, Thu Duc, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Vung Tau, Binh Thanh… or those who would like to maneuver live with my needs.
Far apart from the center, Vincity District 9 is in a rapidly growing area, with the infrastructure gradually completed synchronously to meet the needs of traveling, economic concentration of the industrial complex of this. Leading foreign companies such as Samsung, Intel…
About Scale: Even the existing projects in District 9 are only a fraction of this Vincity project with a total area of ​​365ha.
Flat area: low-cost flat projects generally have a place of ​​45m2 or more, most of the apartment is two bedrooms from 60m2 – 75m2. While the Vincity flat includes a elastic region of ​​30 – 90m2, there are many options for homebuyers